Saturday, 8 June 2013

How to add an Amazon Store to your Facebook Page

Take a quick look at my Facebook page. There, next to the Mailing List is a button saying "Store".

If you click on this button you go to this page, where you can see all of my books -

Why is this awesome? Well, not only can my fans easily view my bookstore and click the links to go straight to the Amazon page for each book, but the links go through my affiliate account so any purchases make me a few extra pennies.

Personally I think this is really cool, and it's pretty easy to do. In this blog I'll tell you how.

First of all, big thanks to Phyllis Zimbler Miller for this guide and YA author Elle Casey for posting this information on this thread on Kindleboards. This is basically a pictorial step-by-step guide comprised of this information.

To do this, you will need a Facebook page for your writing. That is a proper page, which people "like", not a personal page.

You will also need an Amazon Associates account. If you don't have one, sign up here.

Finally, you will need to add a Static I-Frame to your Facebook page. This is pretty easy, just click this link, the big blue button in the middle and then select the page you want to add it to. Easy.

Once you have your I-frame ready for your Facebook page, log in to your Amazon Associates account and click the "astore" button in the middle of the picture below.

In the sidebar, click on Category Pages.

Then, Add Category Page (please note, there are more options in these pictures than you'll see because I've already set a store up).

Then, Add Products.

On the next screen, choose the field you want to search and then enter your book name or ASIN. Of course, you can create a store for any products you like, not just your own books. You can see the results below when I put in one of my books. Click Add to add any products you wish. They will then appear in the Added Products box.

If you want to order your books in a certain way or add specific text, click on the book in the Added Products box on the left above, and this box will appear -

Add your order or text and click save.

When you've added all the books you wish, click on Back to Category Pages, which is at the bottom of the search results page.

Then click on Continue at the bottom of the first screen.

Next to you come a page where you can decide your colours and design, as well as give your store a name. When you're done, click Continue at the bottom of the page.

The next page you come to allows you to add extra stuff such as side bars, wishlists, and the like. I kept mine simple, but it's up to you. When you're done, click Finish & Get Link at the bottom. You're almost there!

On the next page, select the second option, "Embed my store using an inline frame". Then highlight and copy the link. To make sure your store covers the full screen, edit "width" in the link to say "100".

Now, return to Facebook. If you've already added your inline frame, it'll look like the "Welcome" button below (this is from my pen name's page).

Click it and you'll see this -

Paste the link into the box (deleting the information that you can see above first). You'll then get this rather scary message -

This terrified me, and stumped me for about twenty minutes. Don't worry, simply change "http" to "https" (maybe this is obvious to the computer types out there, but I struggle with the complexity of a typewriter ...!) The red message will immediately disappear. Click Save & Publish (the blue box on the top right) and you're done.

Now all you have to do is edit the button itself. Put your cursor over the button and you'll see a little pencil appear in the top right corner. Click it and you'll see this box -

Click "Edit Settings" and this box will appear. Now you can rename your store or at an icon or picture.

You'll remember from my first picture that I had a nice little icon for my store. This was actually a stock icon I bought from a stock photo website called Pond 5. You can do the same or add a picture of your own. Anything will do.

And you're done! Good luck with your store - I hope many people visit it (and feel free to visit mine anytime!)

Chris Ward
June 8th 2013


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    1. No worries, Sarwar, glad you found it useful.

    2. Hello sir i followed all your instructions it helps me me a lot but some stuffs i haven't figure yet cause I'm new to this stuff..
      The first thing is WHEN SOMEONE CLICK ON YOUR PAGE DO YOU MAKE MONEY LIKE THAT or the persons have to CLICK IN YOUR BOOK STORE to check them out another way for you to make money ???
      Did you have to have to publicyour page cause they ask me for payment ?

      My last thing to ask you is
      I know that's a lot to ask but please i really need to know all this info please reply me and I know you jab a lot of people in the list for asking u question but answer mine thanks for your time

  2. How do we do it now that amazon associates is closed? thank you.

  3. Great information Chris:
    One thing from your information:
    Now all you have to do is edit the button itself. Put your cursor over the button and you'll see a little pencil appear in the top right corner. Click it and you'll see this box

    When I put my cursor over tab the pencil icon does not appear to allow me to name my tab.

    1. Hi John, thanks for your message. That's strange. I just had a look at my page and it wouldn't let me do it either. It's probably yet another Facebook upgrade.

    2. I was also caught out by this but found that if you click the triangle that appears to the right of the "Welcome" button, the edit options re-appear. When you've finished editing the button, click on the triangle again.

  4. How do I add more prodcuts from Amazon once the shop is up

    1. Hi John, sorry for my (very) late reply. I think you have to go back into the set up bit where you added them in the first place. The store button looks nice but I get basically no traffic through it so I haven't updated my own in months.

  5. Thank you! The Amazon affiliate site has changed slightly, but not enough for me to take more than additional 30 seconds to figure it out. I managed to put up a store on my facebook page in 20 minutes. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your post! :)

    1. Glad you found it useful! Yeah, I probably need to update it. Time, time, time ...! ;-)

  6. Thanks so much for that - really useful!

  7. Thanks for this really useful post!

  8. This is amazing! Thank you so so much!!! :)

  9. Thanks for the post. Very helpful and easy to follow. My store's up on my page now. Piece o' cake!

    1. Hey Richard, glad you found it useful!

  10. Hi - I followed your instructions and my store is up and running on Internet Explorer 11. My problem lies with the latest Firefox and Chrome. When people click on the "Add to shopping cart" button, both Firefox and Chrome see it as an unclickable graphic. Explorer works exactly as it should. Have you heard of this problem before? Any idea how to remedy it? Thanks so much for the tutorial.

    1. Is that the little cart on the top right corner? I don't know why, but you can't click mine either. I'm using Firefox. If I click on a book and then the yellow "Buy at" that seems to work. Browsers tend to change things around a lot so it could just be that this post is getting a little out of date.

    2. Chris - The little shopping cart at the top doesn't seem to work in Firefox or Chrome either. The button I'm talking about is when you click on an item and you're taken to that item's page. I have a button that says "Add to shopping cart.". I assume that it is similar to your "Buy at". When you click on said button in Explorer, it doesn't take you to Amazon, but to another internal screen that is a shopping cart. This all works just fine in Explorer. Chrome sees that "Add to shopping cart" as an image with no link and Firefox gives you a security warning. When you tell Firefox you want to continue, it does nothing. It's the same as telling it you want to cancel.

      Does your store take the user to a shopping cart page or immediately to If it takes them directly to Amazon, how do you set that up? I think the internal shopping cart page is what's messing everything up.

    3. I face the same issue . "Add to shopping card" button is not working here .
      But, I see "buy from amazon" button is working fine here . What's the solution ? can anyone help me?

  11. Really,Very good information. If you have a Facebook Page with likes, you can have an Amazon store as one of the tabs on your Page.This means that, if your own artistic products are sold on Amazon, you can also sell these directly on a Facebook Page via the Amazon store option. Thanks a lot!!
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  12. Life-saver man!.....real life saver! THANK YOU!

  13. Very helpful and easy to follow. My store's up on my page now. Piece o' cake! agen sbobet online

  14. It is very helpful but I m still worried how that thing is going to work.... Kindly guide me guide me how it works please. Thank you

  15. Couldn't have done this without these excellent instructions. Thank you!